The Twin Teeth Trilogy

Over the years, Drs. Michelle and Christine Stepanek wrote and illustrated three children's books.

Read all about the Twin Teeth Trilogy and ask us how you can add these books on dental health and acceptance to your child’s bookshelf.

Once Upon a Tooth...

A Children's Oral Health Education Book

Once Upon a Tooth… is a story that educates children on the importance of oral health and regular dental visits. It follows a prince and princess as they learn about the value of caring for their unique smiles while giving them advice and tips about their teeth.

Once Upon a Tooth Book Excerpt
Once Upon a Tooth Book Cover

Special Smiles

A Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Confidence Book

All children should feel beautiful smiling in the mirror, even those with unconventional smiles!

Inspired by our Craniofacial Genetics Laboratory research, Special Smiles is a children's book about improving the self-confidence of children born with cleft lip or palate, a fairly common developmental phenomenon.

Special Smiles Book Excerpt
Special Smiles Book Cover

Brace Yourself

A Children's Orthodontic Education Book

The final book in the Twin Teeth Trilogy focuses on the topic closest to our hearts, orthodontics. Brace Yourself follows Brack and Kit as they learn about all things braces!

Brace Yourself introduces children to the process of orthodontics—brackets, wires, retainers, and all—while highlighting the importance of keeping teeth clean and healthy while moving to their new homes.

Brace Yourself Book Excerpt
Brace Yourself Book Cover