Affordable Options

At Twin Teeth Orthodontics, our goal is to give you exceptional care that fits your budget.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The overall cost of your orthodontic treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan, but that should never be an obstacle standing between you and your best smile.

Our Twin Teeth Orthodontics team will work with you to find an arrangement that fits your budget. After Dr. Michelle and Dr. Christine create a treatment plan specifically for you, we’ll discuss all of the available payment plan options so that you can make the best choice for you and your smile.

In addition to accepting most major insurance plans, we offer the following payment and financial options:

  • Preferred Patient Interest-Free Financing: We can customize a payment plan that can work for your family’s budget.
  • In-office, no-interest pick-a-payment options: Extend monthly payments and reduce down payments.
  • HSA/FSA: Spend from your Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account.
  • Paid-In-Full Discount: Get a discount when you pay the full amount on the front end.
  • Credit cards: We accept all major credit cards.

We can also set up automated monthly payment options to make it more convenient for your busy schedule.


We accept most insurance plans in California as part of our commitment to making a great smile as affordable as possible. Our Twin Teeth Orthodontics team can assist you in determining your insurance coverage.

If you have insurance that does cover any portion of your orthodontic treatment, we’re always willing to help you discover your benefits before you even come to your first free visit.