Transform Your Smile With Designer Braces

WildSmiles braces give you aesthetic control of your orthodontic treatment. You can show off your personality with designer braces at Twin Teeth Orthodontics in Los Angeles with unique shapes and designs.

dr. christine stepanek
dr. christine stepanek
dr. christine stepanek

Why Choose WildSmiles?

Transforming your smile with orthodontic treatment is a big decision and comes with some responsibility. When you love your braces, you’re more likely to put in the time to keep them in great shape.

WildSmiles brackets from Twin Teeth Orthodontics make your treatment fun! You can even mix and match shapes to create a look that’s one-of-a-kind—just like you.

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Customize Your Orthodontic Experience

WildSmiles brackets make your treatment experience fun while correcting orthodontic issues and giving you a beautiful smile. If you’re ready to straighten your smile with designer brackets, schedule your free consultation in our Los Angeles office today.